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ACQ Pressure Treated Lumber
  The most popular choice of materials in the US, primarily because of cost. About 80% of pressure treated wood is Southern yellow pine. It has a very pronounced grain, with a yellow-green hue caused by the ACQ chemical treatment of the wood. It is graded Select, #2 and better, and construction grade. DeckTech Inc. uses only #1 grade pressure treated wood. The industry has now recently switched over to ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quat) from CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) because of potential health problems from exposure. The chemical preservative is forced into the wood cells under high pressure. Pressure treated usually has a warranty against decay and insect infestation, in most cases for up to 40 years.
  Newly cut cedar has a color range from light browns and tans to salmon pink. Left untreated it will eventually turn silvery gray and then to a very dark brown. It's graded A, B, C, or D. This soft wood is more durable than most woods in common use. It is resistant to decay, but relatively soft and quick to weather. Preservative treatment/sealing is recommended.
  Ipé is Portuguese for hardwood. These are extremely dense, tight-grained woods. Ipé color ranges from red-amber hues to dark brown. Some brands are more consistent as a dark brown. These woods are virtually clear from knots. These imported, tropical hardwoods have a very high rating for insect and decay resistance, similar to pressure treated. These woods will turn silver gray very fast. These hard woods are very difficult to work with because they all need to be pre-drilled before screwing and nailing or they will split. Expect to pay more per square foot for labor to install these hard woods because you triple the time for installation.
  Honduras mahogany is a true mahogany. There are other species like "Philippine Mahogany" that try to take the well-known name. True mahogany has a woven look to the grain with a courser texture. Not all mahogany has the resistance to decay needed for outdoor use. The medium to dark red and brown species are more resistant to decay.
  Redwood is available in several grades which vary considerably in appearance and quality. The color will vary from a light red to a dark reddish-brown. It's graded in Clear Heart, B-Grade, Construction Heart, or Construction Common. The clear heart grade is the more durable than the other redwood grades because of its high resistance to decay. This is the grade that redwood has received its reputation on. Redwood is a soft wood and weathers to a yellowish-red very quickly.

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